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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Drug Approvals with MedForecast®

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With the predictive power of MedForecast®, your organization will realize a much more proactive position in making informed investment decisions.

MedForecast® is the realization of a great idea that resolves some of the most important challenges within the pharma sector today: which medical treatment breakthroughs offer the best chance to 1) make it to market before the competition; and 2) provide profitable returns on investment for companies underwriting R&D and clinical trial costs.

The power of real-time data collection, integrative analytics and Bayesian inference modeling to yield exceptionally accurate drug approval and launch predictions

Erik Prentice PhD

Spearheading the MedForecast® group, composed of leading professionals with strong pharmaceutical backgrounds and strategic intelligence expertise, is Dr. Prentice, a global innovator in competitive intelligence, market research, and customer insights consulting. Dr. Prentice, who also holds a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, is the current COO of Proactive Worldwide, a global research and strategic intelligence consulting firm that is underwriting the MedForecast® effort. Collectively, Dr. Prentice and his team have created the largest global Pharma resource of pending drug treatments to date, with the potential to create positive outcomes for all—pharma clients, pharma investors, and patients all over the world.